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In Good Company can help you communicate more effectively with your dog. Customized sessions to teach you how to change your dog's behavior is our specialty. This is your next step once you have had the assessment session.  During these sessions together, you will receive easy to follow, hands-on instruction that is behaviorally sound and dog and people friendly. You will get a chance to try the techniques we demonstrate so that you can confidently do the exercises on your own. You can expect your sessions to be dynamic, educational and engaging for all ages as everyone in the household is encouraged to participate in the training. For your added convenience, we also offer training packages that give you a small price break for prescheduling and prepaying your training sessions.










*sessions are 1 hour long; fees above include homework, session write-up or video, lifetime email & phone follow-up.


1 session


2 training sessions


4 training sessions


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Certified Trainer + You + Your Dog

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