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Mel is an Australian Shepherd. She was born bilaterally deaf and with some vision impairment as a result of a merle/merle breeding. Her hearing and vision deficits have not made her any less perfect for our family as our beloved pet or as a steadfast teammate for competition and therapy work. And just like most dogs, Mel's abilities are limited only by the time I have to devote to her training and her activities. More recently, Mel has dabbled in nosework.






deaf dog with ribbons
Deaf therapy dog
Deaf therapy dog at Lucile Packard
deaf dog off leash
deaf dog competition

Photo by SunRunner Photography





therapy dog Keeper
In Good Company Behavior & Training
In Good Company Behavior & Training
aussie with a tail
therapy dog at CSD


 Keeper is an Australian Shepherd who was rescued in the Eldorado puppy mill bust, in June of 2006. His name was Dewey then, and he was rescued with his brother, Tank (both pictured as young puppies in the link). Over the years, Keeper has become what many would consider a bomb-proof dog - a relaxed, gentle, playful boy, very tolerant of other dogs and young children. Keeper and I have learned so much from each other - especially how to communicate more effectively. Everyone who meets Keeper instantly loves his easy spirit and gentle soul.


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