Like many herding dogs, Lilly needed a job to keep her mind engaged. So, she was taught to close drawers and all sorts of doors, swinging in different directions to keep her busy.

Building a solid recall means that you can call your dog from a lot of distracting situations.

Engaging with your dog throughout the day keeps their minds healthy and happy. Mel is eager and focused during this short training session discerning drop and give.

Including your dogs in your everyday activities is a great way to keep them busy, engaged and happy - AND improve your training!

Teaching a deaf dog to come when called is a two-step process and it can be done without using a vibration collar.
Daisy grew a beard!
Eddie is all sandy & wet
Keeper loves puppies & they love him
Ginger at the beach
Buddy at the Norcal Aussie Sanctuary

Communication should be fun and two-way. It doesn't always have to be about commanding the dog.