Like many herding dogs, Lilly needed a job to keep her mind engaged. So, she was taught to close drawers and all sorts of doors, swinging in different directions to keep her busy.

Building a solid recall means that you can call your dog from a lot of distracting situations.

One of the biggest challenges of living with a smart dogs is keeping their smart minds happy. Mel loves the challenge of discerning "give" & "drop".

Including your dogs in your everyday activities is a great way to keep them busy, engaged and happy - AND improve your training!

Teaching a deaf dog to come when called is a two-step process and it can be done without using a vibration collar.
Daisy grew a beard!
Eddie is all sandy & wet
Keeper loves puppies & they love him
Ginger at the beach
Buddy at the Norcal Aussie Sanctuary

Communication should be fun and two-way. It doesn't always have to be about commanding the dog.

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